Herman Bergman Fine Art Bronze Foundry 
– Courses in bronze casting

Create your own bronze sculpture

Evening classes in bronze casting.
We go through all the steps from mold making to finished bronze, wax copy, retouch, sprue and gateing, investing, burnout, casting, chasing and patina.

Bring your own original or make a new during the course. The fees include materials and the finished bronze.*

*The course applies to a sculpture corresponding a volume that of half the size of a swedish standard milk carton, and with a maximum height of 20 cm and a width of 7 cm. If the sculpture is larger or more complicated and involves a larger mold, expect to create the sculpture under the duration of several courses.

Instructor / Supervisor: Anneli Scheutz
(Also tutors in bronze at the Swedish Royal Academy of Art).

Location: At our premises at Sandsborgsvägen 44 C in Enskede.
(Subway Skogskyrkogården.)

the number of participants is limited, so first come first served.

Please contact us for more information and registration

Herman Bergman Fine Art Foundry
Sandborgsvägen 44 C
122 33 Enskede
Tel. 08-6591500
Mail: info@bergmanskonstgjuteri.se